What is the best season for Dancing Fountains?

The best season in North or Central Europe is summer, but shows can be arranged all year around, even in the cold winter time.

What kind of events are suitable for Dancing Fountains show?

This show is mainly designed for outdoor events and places with lake, river or sea. Especially harbours, dock areas, river banks and parks with ponds are very convenient places.

Shows can be done also on dry land and we’ll bring the water together with suitable pools with us. Outdoor equipment needs at least 15 x 10 meters flat space, so show fits nicely e.g. market squares or in front of the hotels. Inside e.g. shopping malls we can use smaller equipments.

Does it need to be full dark to see Dancing Fountains?

In the dark the beauty of Dancing Fountains reaches it’s own level, but they are very beautiful also in the dusk.

How much electricity Dancing Fountains needs?

The need for electricity is fairly small. More important is the quality of the electric. Best way is the use portable generators.

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